Full Wonderlic Test

This is the complete Wonderlic Test that is given to prospective NFL players during the spring NFL combine.  This test is comprised of 50 questions of varying difficulty and you will have a 12 minute time limit.  Once you click the button the test starts…so GET TESTING!

Quick Wonderlic Test

Don’t have the time to take the full-length Wonderlic Test?  Try our Quick Wonderlic Test instead!  This test is comprised of 10 questions. You’d better be quick!  There is a strict 2.4 minute time limit on this test!  Once you click the button the test starts.  Have fun and good luck!



6 Wonderlic Test Taking and Preparation Tips

Are you about to take the Wonderlic test? NFL players are known for taking the Wonderlic, but average Joes and Janes like us also have to take it. Potential employers often weave it into their job application process and existing employers often use it as a metric for...

Vince Young’s Wonderlic Test Score

Vince Young was considered an elite quarterback entering the NFL draft. After leading Texas to an electric national championship victory and finishing second in a close race for the Heisman Trophy he seemed to be a player with a ton of NFL potential. During the NFL...

The Wonderlic test has been a staple of the NFL Draft Combine for years and the test scores from players have been big news each draft season in recent memory, from Johnny Manziel’s 32 to Jameis Winston’s 27. The Wonderlic has a long history before it was used in the NFL, as it was one of the first short form tests for cognitive ability. The test has been used in education, by businesses and even the military. The Wonderlic test includes 50 questions to be answered in 12 minutes and the generally accepted average score is a 20. This site enables you to take a practice Wonderlic test with an interactive, free, timed quiz very similar to the ones used to calculate the scores of NFL players. Take a shot at either the 10 question or 50 question Wonderlic sample test and decide for yourself if you can outsmart football’s top players.

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