50 Question Wonderlic Test

This is a 50-question sample Wonderlic® Quiz which provides questions similar to that of the real test.  You will have 12 minutes (720 seconds) to answer 50 questions.  You score 1 point for each correct answer.  Your time will start as soon as the next page loads.  Good luck!

About the Wonderlic Test

The 50 question Wonderlic Test is used by many businesses for an initial pre-screening of prospective employees and by many Universities as a component of their enrollment decision process. Most famously, perhaps, the Wonderlic is used by scouts in the National Football League as a part of the pre-draft analysis at the NFL Scouting Combine every year in Indianapolis. While scouts do not weigh the test results as critically as a player’s physical ability such as size, speed, and strength, the test gives front office personnel a perspective on the player’s problem-solving skills and a general sense of their cognitive ability before deciding on whether to select them in the NFL Draft.

Official Wonderlic Test Types

There are a few different iterations of the Wonderlic Test and it can be valuable to know the difference, particularly if you’re preparing to take the test.

  • Wonderlic Personnel Test is the most common test used by employers as part of their hiring evaluation process. The test is 50 questions to be completed in 12 minutes, the same format as the Wonderlic sample test above. This test is administered in person with a proctor in the room to monitor the process. This test gauges a person’s cognitive abilities with verbal reasoning questions, math word problems, logic questions, and quick recognition of basic facts.
  • WPT-Q, or Wonderlic Personnel Test – Quicktest is a popular version of the test as it can be taken at home before coming in for a job interview. This shortened version of the test contains 30 questions to be completed in 8 minutes.
  • Wonderlic SLE or Scholastic Level Exam is a popular test that’s administered in person for many academic programs, particularly in medically related fields like nursing. If you will be taking a test as part of your admissions process, they will likely tell you the Wonderlic score you’ll need to obtain for admittance into the program. In that scenario, it makes sense to continue to practice regularly on free Wonderlic Tests until you get your score consistently above the mark you’ll need on the real test.

Wonderlic Practice Test Guide

The score on this website’s sample Wonderlic Tests works the same as the official tests – one correct answer earns you one point toward your final Wonderlic Test score. Points are only accumulated for correct answers, so any unanswered questions cannot help your final score. Most Wonderlic study guides correctly encourage their readers to leave no question unanswered. However, it’s been reported that less than five percent of people actually finish the exam in the allotted 12 minutes. Questions range in types across reasoning, grammar, math, and geometry. You may have to determine the speed of a car, calculate how much product a store sold in a given time period, recall a word meaning, do an analogy, or use deductive reasoning to solve a world problem.

What is an Average Score on the Wonderlic?

Many people want to know what a good score is on the Wonderlic test, but that’s hard to say without some context. If a score of 25 is necessary to get a job, then that’s your target for a “good score.” That said, the average score on the Wonderlic is generally accepted to be a 20, so scoring above that would constitute an above average score.

At that NFL Scouting Combine there have been several notable scores both above and below this benchmark. By position group, the top performers generally are offensive tackles and centers, with the lowest average performers being fullbacks and wide receivers. Notable high scores in the past include superstar wide receiver Calvin Johnson’s 41, multiple time NFL champion Eli Manning’s 39, Harvard Grad Ryan Fitzpatrick’s 48, and quarterback-turned announcing wunderkind Tony Romo with a 37.

Scouts place an emphasis on having a quarterback score at least at 21, just above the average of 20. There is much debate over the merit of the Wonderlic test on draft position and on a player’s ability to succeed in the NFL. While on the surface it seems like an irrelevant gauge of how well a player can tackle, run or block, it does give a baseline to NFL scouts as far as the cognitive ability a prospect may have in today’s quick thinking style of game.