Vince Young was considered an elite quarterback entering the NFL draft. After leading Texas to an electric national championship victory and finishing second in a close race for the Heisman Trophy he seemed to be a player with a ton of NFL potential. During the NFL combine he lit up all the tests and received excellent marks in most categories. There was one test that Vince Young did not pass with flying colors. Vince Young scored a 16 on the Wonderlic which is flat out bad. Think you can do better?
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What might be worse was that it was previously reported that Vince Young originally scored a 6 on the Wonderlic. The NFL combine officials told reporters that the score of 6 was not correct and re-administered the test in which Vince Young scored a 16.

We may never know whether or not Vince Young legitimately scored a 6 on the Wonderlic test, but a 16 is a test score that also draws concerns. The average Wonderlic score for a quarterback is about 24, and while there are legendary quarterbacks like Dan Marino and Jim Kelly that scored poorly on the Wonderlic, the vast majority of great NFL quarterbacks had above average Wonderlic test scores.

Vince Young was drafted by the Tennessee Titans as the 3rd overall pick in the 2006 NFL draft and since went on to have a disappointing NFL career. While he had a good rookie year and second year in the NFL, he suffered a series of injuries and drawbacks and never fully recovered a starting position as a starting NFL quarterback on any team.

The Wonderlic test is administered to potential NFL players during the NFL Combine every year. While there are many tests of physical strength, speed and skill the Wonderlic is the only standardized cognitive test given. It is a quick 50 question test and testers only have 12 minutes to complete the test. It is a tough test and testers have to answer questions quickly in order to make it through all 50 questions in time. Many of the questions are math related and no calculators are allowed.

There is a great deal of debate on the Wonderlic as many argue that it is not an accurate judge of future success for any NFL player. Supporters of the Wonderlic test being used as a warning sign for NFL teams often bring up the Vince Young example as an example of a talented quarterback that scored low on the Wonderlic and went on to have a disappointing NFL career.

Looking at other notable quarterbacks in Vince Young’s 2006 class there are examples with very mixed results.

Matt Leinart scored a very impressive 35 on the Wonderlic but that score alone wasn’t reflective of his future in the NFL. Matt Leinart mostly played as a backup in the NFL from 2006-2011 and likely won’t play in the NFL again.

Say what you will about Jay Cutler, but of all the quarterbacks in his class he went on to have the most successful NFL career with a Wonderlic score of 26. He is also the only quarterback in his class that is a starter for a NFL team.

There were likely many other factors at play that lead to Vince Young’s early exit from the NFL. Rising stars from new drafts that had unproven talent that couldn’t go to waste, Vince Young’s unconventional throwing style that many coaches disliked and as previously mentioned Vince Young’s slew of injuries that kept him on the sidelines.

While we can argue about the Wonderlic it is easy to find out whether or not you would can beat Vince Young’s Wonderlic score. We provide free Wonderlic sample tests as a fun way to find out what you might score if you were to take the Wonderlic test for yourself. Don’t use a calculator for most accurate results!
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